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The company was founded in 1980 by Ioannis Boulekos who has been actively involved in automotive business since 1968. Originally, the company was dealing with importing used spare parts (front or rear car compartments) and their reselling in the Greek market.


Also, it used to take on upgrading cars swapping engines with more powerful ones.


In 1987 the company carries out its first project, turning a vw 16v GTi 2WD into a 4WD syncro. (pic.1pic.2)


That project was exhibited during the 1987 PPA (Piraeus Port Authority) Expo.


In 1989, the company is transferred to its modern, privately-owned premises of 1,500 m2, on 84-86, Tatoiou str., in Metamorphosi district of Athens.  They have been designed on the basis of the most up-to-date standards for repair shops of that time, and included a show room, spare parts room, warehouse, service garage and fitting area.


All mechanical and electrical equipment has been installed in these premises, together with one of the first car engine dynamometers in Greece.


In 1990 the company evolves its project and converts its Golf MK2 syncro into a Golf MK2 RALLYE. (pic.3pic.4)

In 1993, following introduction of the new Golf MK3, Boulekos dynamic undertakes its next project to manufacture a turbo kit for a Golf ΜΚ3 1,4 lt , boosting horsepower from 60HP to 125HP.

It is worth noting that we cooperate with Sms engineering tuning company (Schmidtmotorsport) and we have acquired a VW GOLF A59 prototype frame (pic.5 - pic.6 - pic.7)

In 1994 comes its evolution by fitting a 2.0 Lt ABF 150 Hp engine and creating a turbo kit resulting in horsepower increase from 150 HP to 335 HP (pic.8)


In 1996, our company launches its brand new major project:

it puts together a biturbo kit to be placed in a VW Corrado VR6 2900cc 195 HP, which led originally to boosting engine horsepower from 195 HP to 410 hp, and then up to 500 HP with 620 Νm of torque. (pic.9pic.10)

In 1998 Boulekos Dynamic becomes a member of the official SEAT network.

In the same year, a turbo kit for Seat Ibiza 1.4 cc 16v 101 HP is designed increasing horsepower from 101 Hp to 175 hp.


In 1998, performance stage 1 for 1.8t, 20V engines of Group VAG is developed thanks to a Turbo kit raising horsepower from 180 Hp to 310 Hp. (pic.11)


Those kits further evolution would bring, in 2002, the SEAT Leon 1.8 20V project car with 398 Hp. (pic.12)


At the same time, designing was under way for manufacturing a turbo kit for Seat Ibiza 2002, that was finally marketed in 2003 and would increase its horsepower from 101 Hp to 165 Hp. (pic.13)


In 2005, Boulekos Dynamic develops and introduces the ‘sprint booster’ product in the international market, aka an electronic device eliminating poor throttle response in cars equipped with electronic throttle system, achieving thus immediate car response to the driver’s commands. (pic.14)


The year kicks off and so does our company extroversion towards the world marketplace by taking part in expositions abroad and in particular the ones in ESSEN MOTORSHOW, AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL, SEMA SHOW (pic.15 - pic.16)


In 2006, following introduction of Group VAG’s new direct-injection engines, new tuning and turbo kits are evolved.

In 2009 sprint booster debuts in the SEMA Show and wins one of the most important awards in the world industry of aftermarket car products, the "SEMA Best New Performance-Street Product 2010" award amongst 1,400 new products from all around the world! (pic.17pic.18)

The criteria considered in order to select the best new product have been innovativeness, technological achievement, quality, consumer appeal s and marketability.

In 2010 the company enters the field of LPG systems.
Holding innovation and breaking-through concepts in the automotive world as our main objective, and taking into account our customers’ needs for more economical and cleaner transportation, the company establishes Boulekos gas, a dedicated division on LPG systems. (pic.19)




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